Honda Fireblades

Honda Fireblades

Honda Ron Haslam Race School Experiences @ Donington Park

The SP is closely related to the Fireblade, but comes with a little more of that Honda racing DNA. With an improved power to weight ratio its perfect for our Elite Experience arounds the Donington Park Grand Prix circuit. The circuit being the ideal place for you to discover the next level of total control.

Its now 22 years since Ron started to offer his two wheeled wisdom to pupils at Donington Park and back in 1986 didn't dream that the Race School would be such a success introducing so many riders to circuit motor cycling, improving rider skills and offering advanced tuition to so many riders.

But here we are, busy as ever with courses selling out and a great relationship with Honda which builds year on year providing the ultimate machinery from 125 to 1000cc.

Together we welcome the 3500 riders we will host on our Experience days exclusively at Donington Park this season, role on the sunshine!

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