DUNLOP Tyre of Choice

DUNLOP Tyre of Choice

Honda Ron Haslam Race School Experiences @ Donington Park

With the school now running for well over 22 years (The longest serving motorcycle riding academy in the world) the decision to continue using DUNLOP was an easy one for the Haslam's. With two seasons working together now under their belt there was only ever going to be one brand that could provide the correct tyres and support for their school.

Rolling into a 3rd season with the school, DUNLOP's sport touring tyre, the ROADSMART 3 has proved itself with confidence inspiring grip in all conditions and comfortable enjoyable feedback for instructors and students alike.

Add in positive wear rates that ensure the tyre profile maintains its shape even as the miles increase (Very important for the school who need a tyre that 'feels' consistently the same for the 4000+ attendee's who enjoy their time with the Haslam team each year) and strong mileage capabilities for the sport touring tyre arena and its no surprise the most successful tyre brand at the Isle of Man serves as the perfect partner at Donington Park.

2017 was a mixed bag of conditions with many events fully wet but with enviable grip levels in these conditions the school was able to provide safe and enjoyable track time for its many clients, some who often travel from many parts of the world to attend. Every single attendee accoladed the grip in tough conditions.

2018 couldnt have been a harder test for any tyre brand with the 'Beast from the east 1, 2 and even 3' kicking the year off with very cold temperatures and challenging conditions. The school prides itself on providing safe and enjoyable riding so its very important the tyre of choice provides these qualities. Only thick fog (reduced vision) or ice would be considered beyond acceptable so all other conditions are down to tyre abilties and the knowledge and experience of the highly skilled instructors (many of which have been instructing with the school since its introduction) to keep students safe and happy.

Even at the start of last season the DUNLOP Roadsmart 3 excelled providing superb grip when the temperature gauge stayed in low single figures. With technologies that allow quick warm up and maintain consistant heat through use, the sharp spring conditions were met without any issues.

Move on a few months and the UK's hottest and driest summer since 1976 was to provide an equally difficult challenge but at the other end of the temperature guage!

With ambient temperatures regularly reaching early to mid 30's (yes even in the UK!) and track temperatures that could cook an egg it would be easy to forgive a tyre aimed at commuting and fast touring if it started to struggle. But the Roadsmart 3 just took it all in its stride providing levels of grip and feedback that allowed everyone to enjoy their limits safely. Even when faced with such demands the Roadsmart 3 continued to wear evenly and progressively, something the Haslam team were very impressed with.

It didnt come as a surprise to the DUNLOP team who knew that many of the technologies (Jointless Belts, Multi Tread, Interconnecting groove technology and endurance inspired compounds) developed through the brands success in MOTO 2, MOTO 3, World Endurance and of course success in real road racing, specifically the IOM TT races, provide the DNA that goes into all of DUNLOP's Sport Touring, Sports, Track and Race tyres.

After all, if its good enough to have helped nurture the talent of the likes of Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez as they worked their way up the world stage through 125, 250 & Moto 2 & 3 respectively and allow road racing gods such as Mcguiness, Dunlop, Hutchinson and recently Peter Hickman (with his jaw dropping 2018 IOM TT race winning lap record of 135.452mph!!!) then its certainly going to provide enough grip for normal mortals wanting to stretch their own abilities.

2019 will factor in new areas for the school with the introduction of HONDA's new CBR650R as the mainstay of their premier and premier plus courses, updated CBR1000R Fireblades for their ELITE course and revamped CB500's for their starter course. Also for this year, HONDA have provided the instructors with a fleet of CB1000R Cafe Nero super nakeds to keep their students on their toe's!

All the fleet run DUNLOP Roadsmart 3's with the only exceptions being the smaller CB125, 300's that run a mix of Streetsmart and GPR300 tyre designs due to size availability.

DUNLOP are very proud to have been chosen by Ron & Ann and their team for the next 2 years and look forward to another enjoyable and safe season working with the school.


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