Course Feedback

Course Feedback

Honda Ron Haslam Race School Experiences @ Donington Park

"I just attended your race school today 7th August, and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and what a great team and experience. Really beyond expectations and exceptional. Thank you very much and I hope to return again soon."


"Being a complete novice (first time on track) I couldn't have wished for more friendly, encouraging yet professional instructors. This is why I signed up for another session the next day!"


"Hi, We came up yesterday for my son’s birthday present of an On Track experience and he loved it, so thank you for everything that went into the organisation of the day. Then I put my name down for the chance to ride pillion with Ron Haslam. As I spend most of my life terrified of everything, this was an enormous thing for me to do. Even putting my name down was a huge thing, and the ladies on the desk were lovely. I was lucky enough to get the phone call to say I could go out and from that moment, I cried and shook and fretted but from the ladies who fitted me out with all the gear I needed to the lady who took me through to meet Mr Haslam, everyone was really kind and understanding. Then, as Ron came out to meet me by the bike, my nerves disappeared because he was so nice and calm and encouraging. I ride pillion with my son so was used to that, but nothing could prepare me for the four laps sitting behind one of my all time racing heroes! Ron explained how it would go; a gentle lap to see what was what, then faster for the subsequent laps and if I wanted him to slow down at any time, tap his arm. True to his word, the first lap was (kind of!) gentle then we hit the road running! I was determined not to wimp out and tap so I hung on and enjoyed the ride. I was at times terrified, but never once did I feel unsafe. The skill of Ron Haslam is beyond understanding. When we got back to the pit lane, I was just exhilarated and when Ron said I had done well and he was impressed that he had got up to top speed and I didn’t tap, I could hardly believe what had happened. Can you pass on my thanks to Mr Haslam for being so, well just amazing! Thank you all so much."


"Hello Hazel & all the team Just wanted to thank you all so much for a truly memorable experience, each and every one of you guys looked after me from start to finish - even down to handing out ice creams during the gloriously hot weather. I cannot recommend the Ron Haslam "experience" highly enough, and having spoken to my biking mates I would like to think the information I have given them will encourage them to contact you and enjoy the experience for themselves. I would also like to say a special thank you Hazel, for taking me under her wing and looking after me, and to my Instructors on the day - Ian Cherry and Michael Nibblet, who guided me round the track - particularly Michael during sessions 2 and 3. I learned so much. I am now looking forward to September 12th, when I will be returning for another memorable experience. Thank you to a great team"


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